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places to visit in Vietnam

8 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Vietnam!

This land of traditions and history has made its significance throughout the globe. It is hard to ignore the fabric of culture woven throughout this country. With the quintessential cuisine and colonial architecture, everything is worth its hype! Vietnam is not only rich in culture but the beauty it embodies is seemingly unfathomable. There are a lot of places to visit in Vietnam, from nature to architecture, the list never comes to an end. 

Here are the top eight places to visit in Vietnam that will fill you up with joy and shake your ground.

Ha Long Bay

If you wish to experience a sense of calm and utter joy that comes in peace, this is the place for you. With emerald waters and serene views, this place is a must-visit in Vietnam. 

places to visit in Vietnam

Explore the rainforests and feel the freshness. Enjoy the kayak expedition and junk boat tours. Get involved with thrilling experiences in the mountainous Cát Bà National Park, and enjoy scuba diving, rock climbing, and hiking. This Bay is famous as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sung Sot Cave

One of the biggest caves in Halong Bay is worth visiting. Founded by the French in 1901, this site filled with rock formations is something to marvel at. Many people have associated the legend of God Gióg with it. The cave is divided into two chambers, both impeccably beautiful.

things to do in vietnam

This place is a gateway to heaven where history and mythology come together to form a beautiful tale. This is one of the most loved places to visit in Vietnam and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Ho Chi Minh City

This city is famous for its colonial past engraved in the age-old architecture of Vietnam. Not only does the history speak volumes here but also the businesses and the modern-day society of this marvelous country.

places to visit in Vietnam

There are multiple places to visit in this city, you can explore the museums here and look at Vietnam’s classical architecture. This place to visit in Vietnam is truly worth its hype and will certainly not leave you disappointed.

Ben Thanh Market

The joy of the city is surely all over this market, loved by both tourists and natives. This market is filled with fruits, vegetables, clothes, and so on. This site will make you feel like a native. From old French architecture to modern-day requirements, this place has it all.

places to visit in Vietnam

You can buy mementos that will take you back to the time you visited Vietnam. Without having much said, this market is recommended for tourists and is worth putting up on your list of places to visit in Vietnam. 

Cu Chi Tunnels

Originally these tunnels were built while fighting the French, where Vietnamese soldiers hid and stored secret documents. While visiting Vietnam this place should be a must in your bucket list. Located in the district of Ho Chi Minh City this tunnel is a terrific creation. This place will take your breath away with its grandeur. 

places to visit in Vietnam

Quan Thanh Temple

experience the spirituality echoing in this temple. Feel yourself blending in the fabric of this heaven. Situated in the city of Hanoi near the west lake, this temple dates back to the 11th century. Solely dedicated to Xuan Wu, this temple is a Taoist Temple.

places to visit in Vietnam

With history and religion meeting up to unlock another experience for you it is definite to claim that this is the place to visit in Vietnam that will both calm your heart and transcend your soul. 

Temple of Literature

The beautiful architecture and the belief attached to this temple blend well together. It is said that many students make prayers for their upcoming exams or studies in general. So if you are a student needless to say this place is for you. Built in 1070 this temple hosts the first university of Vietnam. to experience the close connection of academics with spirituality you have to visit this place in Vietnam. 

places to visit in Vietnam

One Pillar Pagoda

Belonging to the architecture complex, the ‘pagoda of extended blessings’, this pillar is one of the most prominent pagodas in Asia. The pagoda looks like a lotus flower which is also the national flower of Vietnam. Needless to say, you have to visit this place in Vietnam. The beauty of this site will have you mesmerized and will leave you enchanted. 

This is one of the most celebrated places to visit in Vietnam. 

To Sum Up 

These sites in Vietnam are all you need. From history to nature, everything blends well. Vietnam is a remarkable destination and it certainly will entertain you in all possible ways. The rich tapestry of culture this scenic country embodies is beyond contemplation.

These sites are so far the best places to visit in Vietnam. Your escapade here will surely unlock the doors of your mind and engage in so many new things which you would not have imagined. 


  1. How expensive is Vietnam?

    Vietnam is a cheap travel destination with great sites. 

  2. What language is spoken in Vietnam?

    To a large extent, Vietnamese is spoken and English is spoken as a second language. On the other hand, some nationals do speak French and Chinese. 

  3. What month is the best time to visit Vietnam?

     February to April and August to October are considered to be the best months to visit Vietnam. 

  4. Are Vietnamese people friendly ?

    Vietnamese people are quite friendly and are always warm and welcoming to tourists. 

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