Best hotels in Myrtle Beach for a rejuvenating stay

Story By  Karan & Sparshika

North Shore Oceanfront Hotel

If you're planning a stay with your family, visit North Shore Oceanfront Hotel for the most relaxing and comfortable vacation experience.

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Ocean Creek Resort

Ocean Creek Resort offers a variety of condos, villas, and garden homes.

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Paradise Resort

Head to the Paradise Resort for a budget stay.

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Prince Resort

You can book a stay at the Prince Resort to enjoy fishing from the top of the Cherry Grove Pier.

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Roxanne Towers

Roxanne Towers has spacious rooms and offers a fantastic oceanfront location.

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Sea Watch Resort

Check out the Sea Watch Resort to experience the luxury of a world-class resort.

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The Caravelle Resort

The Caravelle Resort is one resort close to the beach and has everything you need for a luxurious stay.

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The Strand

If you want to experience some of the crazy stuff down the road, book a stay at The Strand, just a few minutes away from all the entertainment.

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Bay View

Bay View on The Boardwalk is a great hotel with comfortable accommodations and a warm and welcoming staff.

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Beach Colony

You can book a stay at the Beach Colony for more luxurious options with all modern facilities.

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