Things to do in Austin for a memorable holiday

Story By  Karan & Sparshika

Hearse Limo Tour

Kickstart your Austin holiday with a Hearse Limo Tour with Haunted ATX.

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Austin Duck Adventures

Are you interested in some water tours? You can take a tour of Austin Duck Adventures.

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Want to witness some great art installations in Austin? Take a tour of WonderSpaces.

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Break Out of Prison

If you are visiting Austin with friends, you should definitely not skip going to ‘Break Out of Prison’ at Escape Game.

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Texas State Capitol

Are you a selfie lover? You could take some at the Texas State Capitol.

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Rage Room

Don’t forget to visit the Rage Room if you are full of frustration.

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Dine-in restaurants

Austin has some amazing dine-in restaurants. If you are a foodie, you should definitely taste the food here!

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Devil’s Cove

Want to experience some luxurious and elite vibes? Visit Devil’s Cove and get on a rental yacht.

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Austin Brewery

Don’t forget to taste awesome beer at Austin’s legendary brewery.

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Boozy brunch

Finally, don’t miss out on your boozy brunch in Austin.

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