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Places to Visit in New York

6 Mind-Blowing Places to Visit in New York

New York, the literal concrete jungle of this millennium holds a special place in everyone’s heart. From the city that never sleeps at night to the city whose gardens have left many enchanted, New York maintains its distinctiveness in the world. There are abundant places to visit in New York. 

The blend of history, culture, and diversity surely makes New York a remarkable destination. Many onlookers thrive on the energy New York rolls with. The captivating metropolitan commemorates of a diverse population that surely brings hues and colors of various cultures throughout the globe. 

6 Best Places to Visit in New York 

Delving deep into this ecstatic city’s essence, the following are the major places that are the heart of this city. 

  1. Times Square 

The vibrant energy of New York can be experienced here. From billboards to theatres, Times Square surely is an all-time favorite amongst tourists as well as New Yorkers. 

Streets surrounded by shops and restaurants covered with city lights surely bring us to our seventh heaven. This place is the epitome of joy and if you have to experience a day in the life of a New Yorker Times Square is a major go to place. 

  1. Statue of Liberty 

 As remarkable as it sounds, this stunning lady stands tall at 93 meters on Liberty Island. With New York being a dream city to many, lady liberty symbolizes equal opportunities, hope, and freedom. 

A scenic ferry ride to the statue is adored by many visitors, making it one of the top places to visit in New York. 

The liberty museum can answer all your questions about the construction as well as the symbolism it embodies. The tour can be enhanced by an audio guide,  if one is interested to gain extra insight these knowledgeable tour guides are worth the shot. 

  1. Central garden 

Escaping the city’s hustle and bustle, a sense of calmness can be found in the heart of Manhattan. 

The lush green garden spread across 843 acres of land provides serenity. A walk here can be a stress reliever. 

In summer, you can enjoy performances by various artists in Delacorte theatre and in winter you can glide across the ice at Wollman Rink. In New York, such a place is a blessing for everyone. Away from their busy hectic schedule, the New Yorkers are often seen relishing a good time here. 

The aesthetic scenic view of the green grasses fills us with tranquility. The park has many attractions, for instance, you can row a boat in the lake and can enjoy the Central Park Zoo. The park is also home to Bethesda Terrace and the picturesque bow bridge. If one ever catches the feeling of boredom, the central garden will surely cheer you up. 

  1.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

For art enthusiasts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art also known as the Mets is one of the best places to visit in New York. Many famous pieces by distinguished artists namely, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans, Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,, and so on are displayed here. 

Arts from Europe, Asia, and from all around the globe add onto to The Mets’ captivating journey. These antiquities from different regions are treasures not only of this museum but of this world. 

Many lectures, exhibitions, and seminars are hosted in The Mets. The vast corridors filled with historical and remarkable pieces of art satiate our inner artist’s desire. The museum is located on the eastern edge of Central Park, this place leaves all its visitors in awe of its beauty. 

As many tourists have placed it in the best places to visit in New York, there is something surely different and unique about it. 

  1. The High Line 

Offering panoramic views of the city and the Hudson River this rail line now transformed into a public park and has become a prominent place for tourists visiting New York City. The experience here can be enhanced by taking guided tours which will help understand its creation and history. 

This park comprises many art installations many temporary and many permanent. This park has become a site of showcasing contemporary art from around the world. A staggering number of 8 million visitors are recorded by this 1.45-mile stretch park. New York has significantly seen a surge in the number of art enthusiasts over the years, and the High Line is one of the favorites among many. 

  1. Brooklyn Bridge 

While visiting New York, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the major spots that comes to our mind. People are allured by its aesthetics. This engineering marvel is often featured in many Hollywood and international films, which has drawn the attention of people from different parts of the world. 

The scenery of the skyscrapers of Manhattan from this beloved bridge of New York are breathtaking. What makes this place one of the best places to visit in New York is the unfathomably beautiful architecture of this place. It gives us an insight into the world of art. To completely immerse into the fabric of New York a visit to the neighborhood of Brooklyn is a must. 

Brooklyn Bridge is not only a transportation link but also a landmark that both New Yorkers and visitors marvel at. 

Wrapping It Up!

New York is one of the most loved cities in the world. Its intricate design and its skyline are worth the hype. With ease in the public transportation facilities, tourists can travel around the city by paying a minimal amount. The above-mentioned places are a microcosm of the city’s life. 

From Broadway shows to lush green gardens this city has a lot to offer. Whether you are an art enthusiast or a foodie this city captivates us all. With its high-rise buildings and historical significance,  New York itself is a work of art. The experience in New York is going to be like no other, it will capture your heart and soul and will sweep you away by its grandeur. 


  1. What is the best way to travel in New York ?

    The best way to get around New York is through its subways. The fare prices are quite low and a seven day metro card is a good deal if you plan to use subways for a longer duration.

  2. Is New York a safe city?

    Yes! Absolutely New York is a safe city. With the crime rates declining over the years by a significant rate it is fair to call New York a safe place. But like any other travel destination, pickpockets are common.  Manhattan and Brooklyn are safe neighborhoods and as for New York -the city that never sleeps- there’s always somebody around. 

  3.  Is New York worth the hype?

    Yes! New York is by far the most beautiful city, from historical sites to metropolis it is recommended as one of the best travel destinations.

  4. Are New Yorkers rude?

    No New Yorkers are rather polite. They are interactive and tend to help tourists look around the city.

  5. What type of food should I try in New York?

    The answer is variable but to a large extent, the Pastrami sandwiches are an all-time favorite, especially from Katz’s Deli. Joe’s pizza is loved by millions of New Yorkers as well as visitors. 

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