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Don't Miss Out On These 4 Things To Do In Glasgow

Don’t Miss Out On These 4 Things To Do In Glasgow

With the beauty of the city which has taken the world by storm, famous for its architecture Glasgow is a must on your list of things to do in the United Kingdom. There are several things to do in Glasgow. From visiting the neoclassical architecture to the ecstatic nightlife there is a never-ending list of beautiful things which you can do. 

The largest city of Scotland, is continuously growing may it be in terms of fashion or technology it’s always one step ahead. It is located on the River Clyde in the western lowlands of Scotland and has earned prosperity through its 18th to 20th-century trading business. 

The port city has history speaking in each of its specks the art nouveau architecture and the Victorian architecture has drawn the world’s attention. Below mentioned are the places in Glasgow which truly carry the city’s essence.

Visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 

A wide range of art from various periods and movements brings international significance to the museum. This free tourist attraction has 8000 objects on display. The extensive collection of famous artworks like ‘Christ of St. John of the Cross ’ by Salvador Dali, Sir Roger the Asian Elephant, and many more add to the mesmerizing Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Located on the west end of Glasgow the natural history and art are well preserved. 

things to do in Glasgow

This family friendly museum besides having the art showcased it also has a café, a restaurant and a gift shop. Without having much said , visiting this place is one of the major things to do in Glasgow. 

Explore Glasgow Cathedral

Founded in 12th century, the Glasgow Cathedral is not only one of the oldest cathedrals of Scotland but also is the oldest building in Scotland. Glasgow cathedral is a parish church of the Church of Scotland. Built on  St Kentigern’s tomb the medieval building is an eye catching spot in the city. It is also known as the birthplace of the city of Glasgow. 

things to do in Glasgow

You can admire the heavenly carvings of stones and the history locked in the glass windows. From post war collections to surviving the Reformation of 1560 this work of art stands tall as one of the most exquisite places in the United Kingdom. 

Head to Buchanan Street

Adding on to the list of things to do in Glasgow, Buchanan Street is a must visit. This street is the city’s heart,  from street performances by musicians and artists doing tricks and plays this is so far the most loved sites in Glasgow. Covered with shops and food outlets , Buchanan street has a lot to offer. The city life of Glasgow can be easily experienced here. If you are a shopaholic this is the place for you. 

From famous brands to local stores the vibe of this place is quite ecstatic. Ranging from a number of high street fashion luxury brands this street also has very famous landmarks as well namely: Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Princes Square. This place gives an amazing insight in the life of a Glaswegian. It is fair to say that visiting this place will fill you up with the kind of joy you have never felt before. 

Visit the Glasgow Botanic Gardens 

Located in the west end of Glasgow , Glasgow Botanic Garden features of glasshouses, Kibble Palace being the most famous one. This garden is something unique and beautiful to marvel at. The serene flora arranged in the chronological order of their introduction to Scotland have captured many hearts. 

things to do in Glasgow

The Glasgow botanic Gardens have evidently become famous among naturalists and tourists. This site is tourist recommended and has become a favourite spot for flower lovers as a wide collection of flowers belonging to different regions such as temperate and tropical are beautifully preserved here. Not only does it have flora but also famous sculptures which are widely known to the world for their distinctiveness. The Sisters of Bethany, The Elf and Cain are the sculptor which are truly worth the hype. This garden is drop-dead gorgeous and is surely something worth adding to your list of things to do in Glasgow. 

Wrapping It Up!

Glasgow is a city rich with architecture and design. With history peeping out from the carves of famous artists , the splendid blend of modernisation while maintaining the age old beauty this city has stolen hearts. 

From serene gardens , magnificent museums and streets covered with joy this city is one of its kind. 

Scotland’s essence is woven and deeply embedded in Glasgow and as many have claimed Glasgow is surely a work of art and its grandeur is something to marvel at. There are various things to do in Glasgow and one just cannot get enough!


  1. Are Glaswegians polite ?

    Yes! Glaswegians are very friendly and polite. Moreover many tourists have claimed that natives of           Glasgow have helped them to get around the city.

  2. Is the public transportation expensive in Glasgow ?

     No! it is rather cost efficient and convenient .

  3.  Is Glasgow a safe at night ?

       Glasgow is quite safe and friendly but like any other big city just a little caution would be good. 

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