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Places to visit in mexico

Places to visit in Mexico that will rock your world!

There are many places on Earth where we can have heavenly experiences but there is none like Mexico. Famous for its rich culture, cuisine, and architectural ruins Mexico is a must-visit. From sunny skies to vibrant beaches, Mexico has it all. There are many places to visit in Mexico which will bring you to your seventh heaven!

Here is a list of all those wonderful places to visit in Mexico:

Santiago de Querétaro

Famous for its Spanish colonial architecture, vineyards, and Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. Santiago de Querétaro is a beautiful city.  Granted as a UNESCO world heritage site this city has well preserved its history and culture. This city is underrated but undoubtedly exquisite. 

Explore the nearby panoramic towns like Tequis and Peña de Bernal. You can spend your days tasting wine from Querétaro’s celebrated wineries and vineyards. This is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Mexico. 


Home to the history and rich culture of Mexico, Tulum located on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán peninsula, is by far one of the most serene places to visit in Mexico.

Famous for its beaches and ancient ruins of a Mayan port city, this town is something to marvel at. El Castillo is a palace sitting on a rocky cliff beyond the white sand and turquoise sea that surely makes your list of places to visit in Mexico more admiring. 

Sistema Sac Actun 

The longest-known underwater cave system is an astonishing place to add on to your bucket list. Explore the past and dive deep into the waters, you can swim and can do snorkeling. the place is simply amazing. In recent years it has gained popularity amongst both natives and tourists and according to them, this place is a must-visit.

There are a lot of places to visit in Mexico but certainly, this place is exceptional. Remains of a mastodon and a human female were found in this cave and they might just be the oldest evidence of human residency in the Americas, making Sac Actun a place of great significance.

With essential implications for human history, this place is not only loved by archeology enthusiasts but also by nature lovers. Needless to say, this heavenly underwater cave stands as an inescapable site on the list of places to visit in Mexico. 

Frida Kahlo Museum 

Also known as the Blue House majorly because of its cobalt- blue walls. This is a house museum dedicated to the artwork of one of the best and most inspiring Mexican artists of all times, Frida Kahlo. the purity of her soul are the essence of this place, with her work hung on walls and displayed as though all her pieces of art share a tale which we have never heard before. Frida Kahlo has always been an artist who touched many hearts and souls throughout the globe.

People from different parts of the world come to the Frida Kahlo Museum to marvel at her work. If you want to see Mexican talent this is the place for you. located in the Colonia del Carmen neighborhood of Coyoacán in Mexico City this site is must on your places to visit in Mexico 

Museo Nacional de Antropología

The national museum of anthropology is the largest museum in Mexico. It has been recorded that it is by far the most visited museum in Mexico. Considering the fact that it is frequently visited by tourists there is something remarkably unique about this museum.

Several rooms in the museum have recreated the scenes from where the pieces were originally found. This gives us an insight into how things used to be back in the early days. This museum has famous Mexican art pieces such as The Sun Stone or Aztec Calendar, Vasijia Efigie , Coatlicue and many more. This museum adds a different kind of experience to the places you will be visiting in Mexico. . 


A beautiful friendly fishing village has nature at its best. Enjoy the warmth this town has to offer and experience the rejuvenating vibe of the beach town. This place is quiet and calming, away from the city’s hustle and bustle this picturesque will take away all your worries.

Explore this town and feel the calming water treading along your feet. This place to visit in Mexico is a must. 

Chichen Itza

The magnificent archaeological site is something so unique and enticing that words are not enough. Not only the history but the scenery of this place is as though you have entered a different world. This ancient man made wonder, a part of the Mayan ruins, has made its way to be known as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many tourists have claimed to love this place and yes you should unquestionably have it on the list of all the places to visit in Mexico.

Copper Canyon

Formed by six rivers, this is Mexico’s Canyon. And as astonishing as it may sound, it is far larger than the well known Grand Canyon. This site has never disappointed anyone, you can indulge in different excursions and enjoy your time here.

Horsebacks to bikes to rail trips everything is there to facilitate your experience here. It is significant how loved this site has become over the years. Located in Sierra Madre Occidental, Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre) is a famous natural spot in Mexico. You will miss a lot if it is not on your list of places to visit in Mexico.

Wrapping it up!

Mexico is a great country and it has everything that one needs for an ideal vacation. So destress yourself from all the work and experience the joy this country has to offer. Blend into its vibrant culture and immerse yourself in the understanding of the history that connects us all. There is a variety of places to visit in Mexico from beaches to architectural ruins there is a lot to explore. So delay no more


What is the currency of Mexico?

The currency used in Mexico is Mexican Pesos. 

What language is spoken in Mexico?

Spanish is widely spoken through out the county. 

Is English spoken in Mexico?

In major tourist areas, English is certainly spoken and understood.

What is the transportation like in Mexico?

Buses for shorter distances and Domestic flights are widely used. 

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