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things to do in Scotland

8 Things to Do in Scotland – Make Your Trip Unforgettable!

Wandering in the streets of Scotland is what many people want. Its calm weather and beautiful environment are mesmerizing for many people. Traveling through its distinct parts like the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh, and other places will keep you entertained. However, you may need a list of things to do in Scotland to maximize your fun on the trip.

Our list brings those fabrics of the country that makes it unique. Walking through Scotland’s historic castles and telling the lore about Scottish history is delightful. Instead, you can even go for literary trails strolled by the famous Robbie Burns. There are many other fun things to do in Scotland that we are about to read.

Best Things to Do in Scotland

From the enthralling beaches to the romantic views of the Gamparian Mountains, here are the best things to do in Scotland that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

Best Things to Do in Scotland (1-4)

1. Visit Edinburgh Castle 

Being the capital of Scotland, you can’t miss the beautiful Edinburgh. When visiting Edinburgh, its iconic castle has to be on your list of top things to do in Scotland. The castle’s history goes till the 12th Century when King David I ruled the country. Hence, it has become the most visited national monument in Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle Best Things to Do in Scotland
Beautiful view of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

An extinct volcano houses Edinburgh Castle on its top. Due to this, the tourists get exposed to some of the most remarkable views of the city. These include Royal Mile, Holyroodhouse Palace, etc.

As you walk through the castle’s Esplanade, you will notice statues of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. Both of these men fought and overpowered the Englishmen in the wars in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. If you visit the place in August, you can also attend the special event for Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Hence, you must add Edinburgh Castle to your list of things to do in Scotland.

  • Address: Castlehill, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Official website: Click here
  • Best time to visit: May to September
  • Fun things to do: Learn about Scottish history and its heroes, and attend the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo event.
  • Entrance fee: Buying the tickets online will cost you £18 per adult, while £21 for tickets bought from the gateway.
  • Hotels Nearby Edinburgh Castle: Wilde Aparthotels, Market Street Hotel

2. Do Not Miss the Royal and Ancient Golf Club

Scotland has always been famous for various discoveries and inventions. One such discovery that changed the landscape of Sports is Golf. Scotland is the home to the world’s first golf club, known as the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

 Royal and Ancient Golf Club Best things to do in Scotland
Royal Ancient and Golf Club, St Andrews

Located in St Andrews, this club got recognized as golf’s governing authority in the 1750s. Due to its immense importance in Scotland, we had to add visiting this club as one of the best things to do in Scotland.

In the club, you will find the British Golf Museum, housing the history of golf within its walls. You may even get a chance to play golf inside this beautiful facility. 

  • Address: St Andrews, United Kingdom
  • Official website: Click here
  • Best time to visit: Summer months
  • Fun things to do: Visit the British Golf Museum, learn about the Scottish history of golf, play golf, and much more.
  • Entrance fee: Call up the place to know the rental charges.
  • Hotels Nearby the Royal and Ancient Golf Club: The Scores Hotel, Rusacks St. Andrews

3. Take a Burns Heritage Trail in Ayrshire 

Who can forget the impact of Robbie Burns in the literature scene of Scotland? His poems are a delight to read. Hence, to commemorate his legacy, you can take part in the Burns Heritage Trail.

Burns Heritage Trail Best Things to Do in Scotland
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum – The Beginning of the Burns Heritage Trail

This trail begins at the Robert Burns Museum. Here, you can observe the preserved cottage where this iconic poet was born and lived most of his childhood. 

The tour will take you from the outskirts of Ayr to the town of Dumfries. Here, Robbie Burns lived his last four years until he died on July 21, 1796. All these unique features of the trail make it one of the best things to do in Scotland.

  • Address: Ayrshire, United Kingdom 
  • Fun things to do: Know about the life of Robert Burns, one of the greatest poets of Scotland.
  • Hotels Nearby: Harbour Lights, Mercure Ayr Hotel

4. Visit the Wallace Monument in Stirling 

Scotland has a long history of battles with Englishmen. Many hard-fought, bloody, and historic fights happened in the city of Stirling. The most famous out of all the warfares was the Batlle of Bannockburn. This battle saw the defeat of the English in 1314. 

Wallace Monument Best Things to do in Scotland
The Statue of William Wallace at the Wallace Monument

However, you cannot ignore the Battle of Stirling Bridge. The iconic William Wallace led the charge and secured Scottish liberation from the Englishmen. Hence, people built the Wallace Monument to celebrate this brave knight’s achievements.

Wallace Monument is about a 246-step tower, delivering some of the most iconic views of Scotland. In addition, it also houses several artifacts and precious items belonging to Sir William Wallace. Visiting this place will educate you about the hardships and struggles of the Scottish people. 

Want to know more about Stirling and other places to visit in Scotland? Click here.

  • Address: Abbey Craig, Hillfoots Rd, Stirling, United Kingdom
  • Official website: Click here
  • Best time to visit: Any time of the day
  • Fun things to do: Visit the Wallace Monument to understand Scottish history and observe the iconic views from the top.
  • Entrance fee: The charges for Wallace Monument vary depending upon your package. For instance, a ticket for an adult is £10.75 and £6.75 for a child. However, a family package of two adults and two children will cost just £28.25.
  • Hotels Nearby Wallace Monument: Stirling Court Hotel, The Stirling B&B

Best Things to Do in Scotland (5-8)

5. See the Remains of Skara Brae 

Visiting Skara Brae will take you back to the Stone Age, roughly 5,000 years ago. This semi-subterranean village has to appear on your list of things to do in Scotland. Situated in Orkney, this village is one of the best examples of preserved towns that tell the history of mankind. The place was discovered in 1850 when it finally got uncovered due to a storm.

Skara Brae best things to do in Scotland
People at Skara Brae, Orkney

Since its sitings, it has attracted tourists and archaeologists worldwide to visit the place and witness the awe-inspiring views. Surprisingly, it is even older than the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge, making it a must-visit place.

  • Address: Sandwick, Stromness KW16 3LR, United Kingdom
  • Best time to visit: Try your visit between Easter and the end of autumn
  • Fun things to do: Witness human history with your own eyes.
  • Entrance fee: For adults, the admission costs are £7.50, while it is £4.50 for children.
  • Hotels Nearby Skara Brae: Merkister Hotel, The Stromness Hotel

6. Attend the Festival Finale Fireworks 

If you want to know about the best things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland, you can’t miss the Festival Fireworks display of the city. Each year on August 31, you will witness the world’s most popular pyrotechnic displays. Furthermore, these fireworks get accompanied by live music, bringing out the vibe.

Festival Fireworks best things to do in Scotland
Festival Fireworks above Edinburgh Castle

You will get accompanied by 250,000 people who come to watch this beautiful display. If you want to enjoy the festival to the fullest, try booking a room with a view of Edinburgh Castle. Other points include Carlton Hill, Inverleith Park, etc. 

  • Date: August 31
  • Fun things to do: Attend the world’s largest pyrotechnic displays in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Hotels in Edinburgh: Hilton Edinburgh Carlton, Castle Rock Hostel

7. Try Living in a Light House 

As a child, many of us had the desire to stay in a lighthouse. If you were the same, then your chance awaits you in Scotland. Rua Reidh lighthouse fulfills this dream of many and lets them stay in the lighthouse. 

Living in Rua Reidh Lighthouse Best things to do in Scotland
Rua Reidh Lighthouse

Rua Reidh is a fully automated lighthouse, like other ones in the UK. Therefore, the rooms where keepers lived got changed into luxurious bedrooms, bunkrooms, etc. Staying in the Rua Reidh lighthouse is one of the best things to do in Scotland.

  • Address: Gairloch, Wester Ross, United Kingdom
  • Official Website: Click here
  • Best time to visit: We recommend visiting the place between May and October.
  • Fun things to do: Stay in the lighthouse to experience the moments of a lifetime.
  • Entrance fee: Staying here can cost you £270 to £330 per night.

8. Go For Mountain Climbing in the Grampian Mountains

If you have the will and thrill to climb a hill, you must visit the Grampian Mountains. These mountain ranges are the highest ones in the entirety of Britain. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain, has a total height of 4,409 ft. (1,344 m) above sea level.

Grampian Mountains best things to do in Scotland
Mountain Climbing at Ben Nevis, Grampian Mountains

If you do not want to go Ben Nevis, opt for Carn Mór Dearg Arête. It is an adventurous trail that will let you travel in the gorgeous ridges in Scotland. Hence, you must add mountain climbing to your list of fun things to do in Scotland.

  • Address: Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Wiki page: Click here
  • Best time to visit: Autumn months
  • Fun things to do: Climb the highest peak of Britain and travel through the beautiful ridges of Scotland.
  • Entrance fees: Can vary.
  • Hotels in the Grampian Mountains: Columba House Hostel


  1. How much will it cost me for things to do in Scotland?

    If you visit Scotland, you may need some funds to spend a quality vacation. On average, you may need £70 to £125 per person per day for quality living. However, these costs can be reduced if you spend less money on paid activities and cook your food.

  2. How should I travel around Scotland?

    We suggest exploring Scotland by car. This way you will witness the beautiful weather in Scotland. Furthermore, driving through the Northern Coast 500 is one of the best things to do in Scotland. Hence, you must opt for a car to traverse through the country

  3. When should I visit Scotland?

    We suggest visiting Scotland in the months when the weather is right, and crowds do not hover over the attractions. Hence, the starting and end months of the summer are the best time to visit Scotland.

  4. Are northern lights visible from Scotland?

    Yes, they are! And Shetland is the best place to see them in Britain. Why? Because it is closer to the North Pole than any part of the UK. In winters, you are more likely to see the auroras. Hence, watching these is one of the best things to do in Scotland.

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