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5 things you have to do during a Bodrum yacht charter

5 Things you have to do during a Bodrum yacht charter

Nestled on the southwestern coast of Turkey, Bodrum offers a picturesque blend of ancient heritage and contemporary luxury. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, historical monuments, and vibrant cultural scene, this port city has become increasingly popular among charterers in recent years – and for good reason! Home to sprawling resorts, charming villages, and secluded bays, Bodrum, also known as the Turkish Riviera, has become one of the most glamorous and beautiful summer destinations in the Mediterranean. Unsure of what to expect? Here, we highlight five highlights of what to expect during a Bodrum yacht charter.

Discovering Bodrum Castle and its historical sites

A visit to Bodrum Castle, or the Castle of St. Peter, is a journey into the region’s past. Built in the 15th century by the Knights Hospitaller, the castle not only boasts stunning architecture but also houses relics from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This blend of mediaeval fortification and ancient wonders offers a unique insight into the region’s rich history, making it a must-visit for any history enthusiast.

Exploring local villages and markets

Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of Bodrum by exploring its local villages and markets. The charm of Bodrum is best experienced through its bustling markets, where you can sample traditional Levantine pastries and walnut baklava, accompanied by a strong Turkish coffee. Strolling through the narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses and bougainvillaea, you’ll feel the heartbeat of this ancient yet ever-evolving city. For an authentic experience, head to Etrim, a village where residents live the nomadic way of life that was common in this part of Turkey.

Dive into the watersports and snorkelling sites

Bodrum’s pristine waters are a haven for watersports lovers. Whether you’re an experienced diver seeking to explore the underwater caves and vivid marine life or someone looking to enjoy a leisurely snorkelling session, Bodrum offers unrivalled opportunities for both. The clear turquoise waters provide the perfect backdrop for an array of aquatic adventures, ensuring every moment spent in the sea is as magical as the port city itself.

Relax at the vineyards and enjoy local cuisine

For a taste of Bodrum’s culinary excellence and wine culture, a visit to local vineyards like Karnas is a delightful experience. Here, you can sample exquisite wines paired with local dishes that showcase the best of Turkish and Mediterranean flavours. Dining in Bodrum is not just about the food; it’s about savouring the blend of tradition and innovation that characterises the region’s culinary landscape.

Unwind in the Karaada hot springs and on beautiful beaches

No yacht charter to Bodrum is complete without a visit to the Karaada hot springs. The therapeutic waters offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life. Additionally, Bodrum’s beaches, known for their golden sands and serene atmosphere, provide the perfect setting to relax and soak up the sun. Whether you prefer the seclusion of a private bay or, the lively ambience of a popular beach, or the exclusivity of a resort and beach club, Bodrum has a spot for every preference.

From historical excursions and cultural immersions to underwater adventures and culinary delights, a Bodrum yacht charter promises a journey filled with diverse experiences that cater to every taste and interest.

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