10 Weirdest Travel Rules Around the World!

You Won't Believe These 10 Weirdest Travel Rules!

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In Greece, avoid wearing heels when visiting archaeological sites, as they can damage the ancient ruins. Flat shoes are your go-to choice!

No Heels in Greece


Chewing gum is strictly prohibited in Singapore, except for therapeutic or dental gum. Keep the streets clean and the gum at bay.

No Chewing Gum in Singapore


Public displays of affection are a no-no in the United Arab Emirates. Keep your affection private to avoid any legal trouble.

No PDA in the UAE


Be cautious! Many countries, including Russia and South Korea, strictly prohibit photographing military installations. Respect the boundaries.

No Photographing Military Installations


When visiting Cambodia's Royal Palace, leave your high heels behind. To protect the ancient floors, only flat shoes are allowed.

No High Heels in Cambodia's Royal Palace


Switzerland takes cleanliness seriously. Spitting in public places is considered a major offense. Keep it classy and carry a tissue.

No Spitting in Switzerland


In Italy, it's deemed disrespectful to eat or drink on the steps of a church. Save your appetite for a cozy trattoria instead.

No Eating on Church Steps in Italy


Unlike many other countries, Iceland has banned all forms of gambling, including online casinos and slot machines. Play your luck elsewhere.

No Gambling in Iceland


While Fiji boasts beautiful beaches, remember that public nudity is strictly prohibited. Keep your swimsuit on and enjoy the tropical paradise.

No Public Nudity in Fiji


In Turkey, whistling at night is believed to summon evil spirits. Avoid whistling after dark and save it for a cheerful daytime tune.

No Whistling at Night in Turkey


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