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Are you tired of crowded tourist hotspots and long lines at airports? Want to discover a hidden gem.

Things to Know

Dramatic cliffs, rugged coastlines, and picturesque villages make the Faroe Islands a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

Breathtaking Scenery


The Faroe Islands boasts a rich cultural heritage that's still alive today, with traditional music and mouth-watering cuisine to explore.

Unique Culture


Warm and welcoming locals make visitors feel at home in this friendly community.

Authentic Hospitality


The Faroe Islands promotes responsible and ethical travel to preserve the natural environment and local culture.

Sustainable Tourism


From hiking and fishing to birdwatching and kayaking, the Faroe Islands offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Adventures


Visitors lucky enough to visit during the winter months can witness the stunning Northern Lights.

Northern Lights


With no rush hour, no traffic lights, and a relaxed pace of life, the Faroe Islands is the perfect destination for slow travel.

Slow Travel


The Faroe Islands is off the beaten path, allowing visitors to escape the crowds and enjoy an authentic travel experience.

Remote Location


Despite its hidden gem status, the Faroe Islands is surprisingly affordable, with reasonable prices for accommodation and food.



Despite its remote location, the Faroe Islands is easily accessible by air or sea, with regular flights and ferry services available.

Easy Access


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