Fun things to do in Bangalore

Spend a leisurely day amidst nature at Cubbon Park, where you can enjoy a picnic, go for a jog, or simply relax amidst lush greenery and beautiful landscapes.


Explore Cubbon Park

Wander through the stunning Lalbagh Botanical Garden, home to a diverse range of plants, trees, and vibrant flower beds. Don't miss the iconic Glass House and the serene lake within the garden.


Visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Treat your taste buds to a culinary adventure at VV Puram Food Street, where you can sample a wide array of delicious street food delicacies ranging from dosas and vadas to chats and sweets.


Indulge in Street Food at VV Puram Food Street

Step into the grandeur of Bangalore Palace, reminiscent of medieval European architecture, and explore its opulent interiors, sprawling grounds, and impressive collection of artifacts.


Explore Bangalore Palace

Go on a shopping spree at Commercial Street, known for its bustling atmosphere and diverse range of shops selling everything from clothing and accessories to home decor and souvenirs.


Shop at Commercial Street

Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Bangalore at Brigade Road, lined with numerous bars, pubs, and clubs where you can dance the night away and unwind with friends.


Experience the Nightlife at Brigade Road

Catch a live stand-up comedy show at one of Bangalore's many comedy clubs and venues, where talented comedians will keep you entertained with their hilarious performances.


Attend a Stand-up Comedy Show

Embark on a fun-filled day trip to Innovative Film City, an entertainment complex offering various attractions such as a water park, amusement rides, mini-golf, and a wax museum.


Visit Innovative Film City

Explore Bangalore's burgeoning craft beer scene by taking a brewery tour and sampling locally brewed beers at some of the city's best breweries and brewpubs.


Take a Brewery Tour

Discover Bangalore's hidden gems and vibrant neighborhoods on a guided cycling tour, where you can pedal through scenic routes, historical sites, and bustling markets while soaking in the city's charm.


Go on a Cycling Tour

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