Discover the Hidden Gems: 10 Enchanting Places to Explore Near Toronto

From music festivals to family-friendly activities, Coachella Valley this week.

Things to Do

Historic town, vineyards, and Niagara Falls. Old-world charm awaits just a short drive from Toronto!

Charming Niagara-on-the-Lake


Untamed wilderness, serene trails, and vibrant fall foliage. Nature lovers' paradise near Toronto.

Majestic Algonquin Provincial Park


UNESCO-listed Rideau Canal, waterfront charm, and Fort Henry. Dive into Canada's captivating history in Kingston.

Historic Kingston


Wineries, sandy beaches, and artistic communities. Experience laid-back charm near Toronto.

Scenic Prince Edward County


Cascading waterfalls, limestone cliffs, and thrilling outdoor adventures. Nature's wonder just a drive away.

Enchanting Elora Gorge


Victorian architecture, vibrant culture, and the historic Capitol Theatre. Step into the past near Toronto.

Quaint Port Hope


Emerald-green landscapes, charming castles, and serene St. Lawrence River cruises. Discover paradise nearby.

Tranquil Thousand Islands


Rugged trails, turquoise waters, and iconic rock formations. Nature's playground near Toronto.

Natural Splendor at Bruce Peninsula National Park


World-class theater, beautiful gardens, and culinary delights. Unleash your cultural side in Stratford.

Vibrant Stratford


Captivating waterfalls, including Webster's Falls and Albion Falls. Nature's beauty just a short trip away.

Serene Hamilton Waterfalls


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