12 Things to Do in Dover: Exploring the Best of Delaware's Capital

With so much to see and do, Dover is a destination worth exploring.

Things to Do


Discover Delaware's political history through a guided tour of the impressive Capitol building.

Delaware State Capitol Building Tour


Explore the state's farming heritage and learn about the importance of agriculture to Delaware's economy.

Delaware Agricultural Museum


Wander through this park's historic sites, including the John Bell House, Old State House, and Johnson Victrola Museum.

First State Heritage Park


Aviation enthusiasts will love this museum's collection of over 30 aircraft from various eras.

Air Mobility Command Museum


Take a serene stroll through this park, offering walking trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of Silver Lake.

Silver Lake Park Stroll


Learn about the Underground Railroad through a visit to several historical sites within the park.

First State National Historical Park


Explore Delaware's law enforcement history and exhibits on crime scene investigation and forensic science.

Delaware State Police Museum


Watch a race or take a tour of this famous NASCAR track that hosts several races throughout the year.

Dover International Speedway


Relax by the large pond, go swimming or fishing, hike trails, or camp at this beautiful state park.

Killens Pond State Park


View and appreciate the work of local artists through this gallery's exhibits and art events and workshops.

Dover Art League Gallery


Dive into Delaware's past through this facility's historical documents, photographs, and other records.

Delaware Public Archives


Experience Dover's diverse dining scene, from seafood to Italian to classic American cuisine.

Local Restaurant Dining


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