Soaring High:  12 Must-Visit Paragliding Sites in Australia

Paragliding is the perfect activity. Here are 12 must-visit paragliding sites in Australia

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Experience year-round flying conditions with stunning views of the Alpine National Park. This is the paragliding capital of Australia!

Bright, Victoria


Soar high above the Pacific Ocean with scenic cliff-top launches just south of Sydney.

Stanwell Park, New South Wales


The Great Ocean Road's coastal flying will have you catching thermals and lift with breathtaking views.

Torquay, Victoria


Explore the rugged Australian outback with world-class cross-country flying opportunities.

Manilla, New South Wales


Paraglide over the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, catering to pilots of all levels.

Canungra, Queensland


Experience some of the best flying conditions in Australia with this must-visit destination.

Mount Borah, New South Wales


Take on challenging flying conditions with stunning coastal views for an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Penguin Head, New South Wales


With soaring cliffs and stunning beaches, it's no surprise that this site is a favorite among adrenaline junkies.

Stanwell Park, New South Wales


Head to the heart of the Victorian Alps for spectacular mountain flying with easy launch site access.

Mount Beauty, Victoria


Enjoy unique coastal flying with warm sea breezes on the beautiful New South Wales South Coast.

Merimbula, New South Wales


Take in breathtaking views of the surrounding hinterland with launch sites for all skill levels.

Mount Tamborine, Queensland


Catch sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the Illawarra Escarpment with this scenic coastal city.

Wollongong, New South Wales


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