Varanasi: Discover the Charm, Avoid the Pitfalls

Here are 10 things to avoid during your visit.

Things to Do

Navigate the sacred riverfront carefully, avoiding the overwhelming crowds that can detract from the serene ambiance.

Overcrowded Ghats


Stay patient amidst the bustling streets, as navigating Varanasi's traffic can be a challenge.

Chaotic Traffic Jams


Relish the flavors of local delicacies but be wary of unhygienic stalls and inflated prices; choose wisely!

Street Food Scams


Beware of persuasive individuals trying to sell you unnecessary goods or services; politely decline and move on.

Touts and Hawkers


Opt for certified tour guides to ensure an authentic and knowledgeable experience, avoiding misleading information.

Unlicensed Guides


Exercise caution when encountering beggars asking for money, as some may exploit sympathy for personal gain.

Begging Frauds


Keep your belongings secure in crowded areas like markets and public transport to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

Pickpocketing Hotspots


Select licensed and trustworthy rickshaw drivers, or consider using ride-hailing apps for convenient transportation.

Unreliable Rickshaw Drivers


Choose reputable boat operators to enjoy a serene ride on the Ganges, ensuring safety and fair prices.

Unregulated Boat Rides


Embrace the local customs and traditions, respecting religious sites and the cultural practices of the city.

Disrespecting Customs


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