10 Thailand’s Hidden Gems and Secrets That Will Amaze You!

Brace yourself for surprises and delve into the extraordinary. Let's begin!

Things to know


Untill 1939, Thailand was actually known as Siam. Then the name changes and then again it became Siam in 1945 to 1949

Bangkok's Secret


Indulge in aromatic Pad Thai and fiery Tom Yum - a tantalizing culinary journey awaits.

Mouthwatering Street Food


Escape to paradises like Koh Lipe, Koh Tao, and Koh Chang - untouched shores and turquoise waters beckon.

Hidden Islands and Beaches


Experience the vibrant chaos as vendors sell produce and crafts from traditional boats.

Floating Markets


Explore majestic temples like Wat Arun and Doi Suthep, and delve into Ayutthaya's ancient ruins.

Spiritual Splendor


Immerse yourself in Loy Krathong's lantern festival and Songkran's thrilling water fight.

Traditional Festivals


Encounter indigenous tribes, their traditions, and vibrant handicrafts off the beaten path.

Hill Tribe Communities


Spot elephants in Khao Yai, colorful birds in Khao Sok, or embark on a thrilling safari.

Wildlife Encounters


Find bliss with rejuvenating Thai massages and wellness retreats.

Thai Massage and Wellness


Embrace the genuine warmth and friendliness of Thai people - a memorable journey awaits.

Warm Hospitality


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