10 Places to Visit In Vermont That Are Truly Fascinating

10. Vermont Antique Mall

Take home some antique items from Vermont Antique Mall.

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9. Teddy Bear Factory

Do you like teddy bears? Vermont Teddy Bear Factory awaits you! Pick your favorite stuffed animal from here!

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8. Church Street Marketplace

Church Street Marketplace has some amazing food joints and shopping areas.

Source Seven Days

7. Billings Farm and Museum

Take a tour of the Billings Farm and Museum to take a look at some facts about colonial life.

Source -Rove.me

6. Blue Paddle Bistro

Head to Blue Paddle Bistro to taste some amazing seafood.

Source -Switzerland Tour

5. Spider Web Farm

Don’t forget to take a tour of the Spider Web Farm to witness the creepiest creatures.

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4. Pond Hill Ranch

Want to enjoy an authentic home-down rodeo? Head to Pond Hill Ranch Pro Rodeo Company.

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3. Vermont Historical Society Museum

Vermont Historical Society Museum is worth a visit.

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2. Coolidge State Park

Spend some leisure time at Coolidge State Park.

Source -Smithsonian

1. Don’t forget to witness the remarkable view of the mountains in Vermont.

Source -WBUR

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