10 Places to visit in Manchester for free


Explore an extensive collection of art spanning six centuries, including works by famous artists like Pre-Raphaelites and European masters.

Manchester Art Gallery


Admire the stunning Gothic architecture and browse rare books, manuscripts, and special exhibitions in this historic library.

The John Rylands Library


Discover ancient artifacts, natural history specimens, and cultural exhibits from around the world in this fascinating museum located at the University of Manchester.

Manchester Museum


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a leisurely stroll or a picnic in this expansive park, which also features a boating lake and a farm.

Heaton Park


Learn about the history of democracy and social change in Britain through interactive displays, artifacts, and exhibitions.

The People's History Museum


Take a scenic walk along the waterfront and soak in the modern architecture, including The Lowry arts center and the Imperial War Museum North.

Salford Quays


Marvel at the beautiful architecture and serene atmosphere of this medieval cathedral, which offers regular services and special events.

Manchester Cathedral


Explore Manchester's Roman past and industrial heritage in this historic district, home to Roman ruins, canals, and old warehouses.

Castlefield Urban Heritage Park


Wander through contemporary art exhibitions and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Whitworth Park, located next to the gallery.

Whitworth Art Gallery


Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Manchester's markets, including the iconic Manchester Christmas Markets (seasonal) and various street markets throughout the year.

Manchester Markets


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