10 Places to visit in Greece that make your vacation really enjoyable!

Story By  Karan & Sparshika


Visit the most beautiful and romantic islands of Santorini.

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Explore the historical heritage of Corfu.

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Experience fun activities like scuba diving and water skiing at Thassos.

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Spend a day at Lefkada, the Caribbean of Greece.

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Cavo Paradiso

Dance at Cavo Paradiso and experience astonishing sea views.

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Visit Agios Gerasimos Monastery and Assos Village at Kefalonia.

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Naxos Island

Take a tour of a stunning hidden gem of Greece, Naxos Island.

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Acheron Springs

Admire the natural beauty of Acheron Springs.

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Voidomatis River

Enjoy a boat ride in the cleanest river in Europe, the Voidomatis River.

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Wander around the beautiful villages of Zagori.

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