10 Places To Visit In Chile


Explore the mysterious Moai statues and immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture of this remote island located in the Pacific Ocean.


Easter Island (Rapa Nui): 

Trek through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia and witness the towering granite peaks, glaciers, and turquoise lakes of this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Torres del Paine National Park: 

Marvel at the otherworldly landscapes of the driest desert in the world, where you can visit geysers, salt flats, and lunar-like valleys.


Atacama Desert: 

Wander through the colourful streets and vibrant street art scene of this bohemian port city, known for its UNESCO-listed historic quarter and hillside ascensores (funiculars).



Discover Chile's bustling capital city, where you can explore historic neighbourhoods, visit museums, and enjoy delicious Chilean cuisine and wine.



Experience the unique culture and traditional wooden churches of Chiloé, a group of islands known for its rugged coastlines, fishing villages, and lush forests.


Chiloé Archipelago: 

Base yourself in this charming desert town to explore nearby natural attractions such as the Moon Valley, Death Valley, and the Atacama Salt Flats.


San Pedro de Atacama: 

Relax in the picturesque lakeside towns of Puerto Varas and Pucon, surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes, pristine lakes, and lush forests.


Lake District (Zona Sur): 

Hike through dense forests and pristine coastline in this protected area, home to unique flora and fauna including the endangered pudú deer and Darwin's fox.


Chiloé National Park: 

Discover the high-altitude beauty of the Andes Mountains in this remote national park, where you can see stunning landscapes, alpine lakes, and unique wildlife such as vicuñas and flamingos.


Lauca National Park: 

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