10 Best Things To Do In Exmouth


One of the world's largest fringing reefs, Ningaloo Reef offers unparalleled snorkeling and diving experiences.


Explore Ningaloo Reef

If you're visiting Exmouth between March and July, don't miss the opportunity to swim with whale sharks, the world's largest fish.


Swim with Whale Sharks

Explore the rugged landscapes and pristine beaches of Cape Range National Park, which borders Ningaloo Reef.


Visit Cape Range National Park

Snorkel from the beach to experience the underwater wonderland of Ningaloo Reef's inner lagoon.


Snorkel at Turquoise Bay

Head to Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, located on the tip of Cape Range, for breathtaking sunset views over the Indian Ocean.


Watch the Sunset at Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Exmouth is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, with opportunities for reef, game, and shore fishing.


Go Fishing

Explore the rugged terrain of the Cape Range National Park on a quad bike tour. Ride through sandy tracks and rocky trails while enjoying panoramic views of the coastline and hinterland.


Take a Quad Bike Tour

Start your Exmouth adventure by visiting the Exmouth Visitor Centre, where you can get information on local attractions, tours, and accommodations.


Visit the Exmouth Visitor Centre

From June to November, witness the annual migration of humpback whales along the Western Australian coast.


Go Humpback Whale Watching

Whether it's kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or kite surfing, Exmouth offers plenty of opportunities for water sports enthusiasts.


Enjoy Water Sports

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