10 Best places to visit in Europe that will leave you mesmerized

BY - Karan & Sparshika


Spending three to four days in Paris is a must to witness iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc.

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London is the second best place to visit in Europe. After all, who wouldn’t like to witness the greatness of the British empire?

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Want to experience the best culinary mastery? Head to Rome for great Italian cuisines and, of course, great sights!

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If you are an architecture fan and have a great love for buildings, stepping into Florence will blow your mind!

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Undoubtedly, Barcelona is one city that stands out among other European cities. You will love the architecture here!

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Want to make your vacation look like a fairy tale? Why not visit Prague?

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To try the world’s best coffee and great cuisines, you should head to Amsterdam.

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The European city of Venice has some enchanting canals and remarkable architecture. Let’s not forget the delicious food you will cherish here!

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Unarguably, Athens is a must-visit destination to see Acropolis and Ancient Agora. You will also love the incredible food and other tourist attractions here.

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Finally, Madrid is one stop destination to witness the best of Europe. It has amazing architecture, stunning nightlife, great sceneries, and delicious food!

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