10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in May


Enjoy the beautiful canals, tulip fields, and cultural attractions like the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

May offers pleasant weather for exploring the stunning architecture of Antoni Gaudí, relaxing on the beaches, and indulging in delicious Catalan cuisine.


Barcelona, Spain

Experience springtime in the City of Light, strolling along the Seine, visiting iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, and enjoying outdoor cafes and parks.


Paris, France

May offers ideal weather for exploring the historic Old Town, walking the city walls, and soaking up the sun on the Adriatic coast.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Beat the summer crowds and enjoy the breathtaking views of the caldera, picturesque white-washed villages, and stunning sunsets over the Aegean Sea.


Santorini, Greece

Explore Renaissance art and architecture, wander through the charming streets, and indulge in Tuscan cuisine and wine in this beautiful Italian city.


Florence, Italy

May brings mild weather perfect for exploring Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the charming Old Town with its cobblestone streets and historic buildings.


Prague, Czech Republic

Experience the vibrant cultural scene, explore historic sites like Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, and enjoy the lush greenery of the city's parks and gardens.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Celebrate the arrival of summer with visits to iconic landmarks like Trinity College and St. Patrick's Cathedral, as well as enjoying the lively atmosphere of Dublin's pubs and streets.


Dublin, Ireland

May is an excellent time to visit this picturesque Swiss town nestled between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, offering outdoor activities like hiking, paragliding, and scenic train rides through the Alps.


Interlaken, Switzerland

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